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Blackfish on CNN October 24

October 22, 2013 by Mark Palmer, Save Japan Dolphins

By Mark J. Palmer
Associate Director
International Marine Mammal Project
Earth Island Institute

The stunning documentary Blackfish, about the orca whale Tilikum in SeaWorld, is scheduled to be aired nationwide on CNN on Thursday evening, October 24th at 9PM EST.  Check your local listings for times.


Blackfish is based on interviews conducted with a number of former SeaWorld trainers and their experience working behind the scenes.  It documents the real dangers to both trainers and to orcas from the routines and shows that the public enjoys, not knowing the truth about how bad captivity is for these orcas. 

Tilikum is a male orca who was captured in the wild and kept in a small tank and bullied by other orcas, growing up in captivity to be involved in the deaths of three people (so far). 

The documentary includes many never-before-seen incidents of orcas attacking trainers, in which the trainers escaped, often with serious injuries.  The ex-trainers reveal the hype and lies that SeaWorld insists on telling the public.


What You Can Do:

Watch Blackfish on CNN on Oct. 24th. 

Tell your friends, family and co-workers about the broadcast.  Why not host a Blackfish party at your home for friends to join together to watch it?

Go to our special Blackfish Orca and Dolphin Captivity Action Page to take action to help stop the exploitation of dolphins and orcas in captivity. 






Tilikum in a scene from BLACKFISH, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. Photo credit: Gabriela Cowperthwaite.

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