Blog | Wear Your Support! EFX Wristband Helps Save Dolphins

Wear Your Support! EFX Wristband Helps Save Dolphins

December 3, 2012 by David Phillips, Save Japan Dolphins

Check out the generous promotion from EFX wristbands.  Sales of a specially designed wristband support Ric's efforts to save dolphins from exploitation and slaughter around the world.  Ric's signature is embossed on the band.  Ric has welcomed the effort, stating:  "EFX's commitment to our cause means so much to our efforts.  These donations will go directly toward ending one of the most brutal dolphin hunts in the world, and we really appreciate their willingness to get involved."

EFX Performance Inc. has a history of supporting organizations that make a difference.  EFX is offering the wristband online at their website.  Click HERE.

Watch our new Public Service Announcement featuring a great cast of kids speaking out for worldwide dolphin protection. 

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