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New Documentary “A Fall From Freedom”

September 16, 2011 by Mark Palmer, Save Japan Dolphins

Bay Area filmmaker Stanley M. Minasian has released the first film to expose the long and controversial history of the captive whale and dolphin industry.  Whales and dolphins have inspired the imagination of people all over the world, symbolizing not only unique intelligence, but also a sense of ultimate freedom in their marine environment and a comradeship among herd mates that we envy and admire.  Narrated by actor and activist Mike Farrell, A Fall from Freedom explores the illegal capture and transport of killer whales and the thousands of dolphins that have been killed in order to provide marine parks and aquariums with new or replacement animals, as well as the ability of these facilities to deceive the public with well-funded public relations campaigns.

A Fall From Freedom features interviews with EII Dolphin Project staffers including Ric O'Barry and David Phillips, and many others.

To order a copy of the film, or to view it online, go to

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